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2 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Was wondering if you could help here….
    I am working on projects to improve sales force effectiveness for rare/ultra-rare diseases and I am hoping to get an answer from health care practitioners to the question below:
    When a sales rep comes to speak to a customer about a treatment for rare/ ultra-rare disease, what does the HCP look for/ expect/ need from that sales rep that is different than what they might want/need from a rep who talks to them about a common disease?

    Any idea how to get get MDs, PAs, RNs to respond to this question?


    • Hi, sorry for the delay in our response.
      Health care professionals (HCP) look for oversight with reimbursement strategies, since the medications are often expensive. Even more applicable for ultra-orphan diseases, a HCP is looking for information about, which countries the product has been approved in, because there might be only a handful of specialists for a given ultra-orphan disease in the world and as such they are often treating patients for varying countries. Equally important is they are looking for information about REMS programs or product registries that are necessary to participate in with rare diseases as they can be time consuming for the HCP. Another key aspect is educational material in multiple languages and its availability on the internet. These are the main items that come to mind at the moment.


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