ESMO Delivers on Dynamic Force Strategy to Improve Cancer Research in Europe

The European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) has created a new website section dedicated to research funding opportunities as part of its new determination to be ‘a dynamic force of forward movement in promoting and improving clinical cancer research in Europe‘, following the lead of its President, Rolf Stahel.

The website is part of a range of initiatives ESMO is taking with the aim to improve clinical and translational cancer research across Europe by acting as a facilitator between individual researchers, research groups at national and international level and research funders.

Nowadays cancer research relies increasingly on collaborative, multi-centre work which reaches across international borders. “How cancer is defined today is very different and more complicated than when I started practising oncology,” said Stahel. “Back then many researchers worked at a local level. If we want to move forward, that must change, even more than it already has.”

The new web section was set up following a survey of ESMO members which yielded a strong preference for a platform offering much needed information in one place. Designed to appeal both to novel and experienced researchers as well as organisations, it includes chapters on where to obtain funding with calls for proposals selected by experts, the latest information on ground-breaking trials and the regulations applying to them, links for researchers on prospective partners and research tools, how to best apply for funding and where to get the best training.

“All of this aims to provide the entire oncology community with the most relevant information in one single place,” said Stahel. Furthermore, additional resources are offered exclusively to ESMO members, such as the first EU Research Funding Opportunities webinar.

“If we want to have a viable research community in Europe, we need to improve the structure, information sharing and the coordination of research 360 degrees,” Stahel continued.

As a new player in the clinical cancer research arena, ESMO is actively liaising with key partners in the field to establish a consensus on issues of common interest in order to develop a collaborative action plan.

“The new web section is an encouraging first step. It is also a declaration that ESMO has begun what promises to be an important development in the society’s strategy — whilst remaining faithful to our mission — that will bring benefits for everyone in the cancer community across Europe.”

About ESMO

The European Society for Medical Oncology is the leading European professional organisation committed to advancing the specialty of medical oncology to advance cancer care and cure.


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