2014 Tribute of Champions of Hope Honorees

Global Genes™  is proud to present the 2014 Rare Champions of Hope Honorees.
Our Rare Champions of Hope Honorees are being recognized because of their unwavering commitment to rare disease. They have been instrumental in investing heavily in new treatments, and handled patients with care and respect. Some helped to show the beauty of genetic variety, while others brought the rare community into the mainstream spotlight.
Please join us in September to help honor these incredible champions for rare disease. 

2014 Champions of Hope Honorees

RARE Champion of Hope – Industry Trailblazer

  • Moncef Slaoui PhD, Chairman, Global Research & Development and Vaccines GlaxoSmithKline

RARE Champions of Hope – Collaborations in Science

  • David Altshuler MD & PhD, Chair, Steering Committee Global Alliance for Genomics and Health
  • Peter Goodhand, Executive Director, Global Alliance for Genomics and Health

RARE Champions of Hope – Collaborations in Advocacy

  • Carolyn Levering, President & CEO, The Marfan Foundation
  • Ivelisse Estrada, SVP, Corporate & Community Relations, Univision Communications Inc.
  • Juan Bowen MD, Director, Mayo Clinic, Marfan Clinic
  • Larson Family

RARE Champion of Hope – Public Service

  • David Williams, President and CEO, Make-A-Wish® America

RARE Champion of Hope – Teen Advocacy 

  • Samantha Petersen, Founder, SHIFT Scoliosis

RARE Champion of Hope – Science

  • Katherine Rauen PhD, MD, University of California, Davis, RASopathies

RARE Champion of Hope – Medical Caregiver

  • Chester B. Whitley MD & PhD, Director, PKU Clinic Departments of Pediatrics, and Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology University of Minnesota

RARE Champion of Hope – Medical Caregiver

  • Thomas Carpenter MD and Karl Insogna MD, Yale School of Medicine, X-linked hypophosphatemia (XLH)

RARE Champions of Hope – Advocacy

  • Jill Levy-Fisch, President, Save Babies through Screening Foundation

source: http://globalgenes.org/2014championsofhopehonorees/

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