3rd Annual Strengthening Patient Advocacy Relations Across the Life Sciences Conference


Central to this program will be vast knowledge share surrounding proactive patient immersion within clinical trial design, the identification of market access strategies in accordance with the implementation of the ACA as well as approaches in uncovering and partnering with the most optimal patient groups, especially among a inundated disease state. Other discussions will include shared success and failure stories on locating the best home for the patient advocacy function internally, as well as working with international patient groups. Attendees will gain unique insider perspective from patient advocate leaders regarding challenges and benefits of creating industry partnerships.

This exceptionally distinct annual conference will provide participants with extensive networking as well as in-depth learning through interactive sessions, panel discussions and case studies, complemented by multiple networking opportunities with industry peers and patient advocate speakers. Through fostering a sense of collaboration, this unparallel conference program will inspire innovation and help bring clarity to pharmaceutical and biotech patient advocacy relations professionals that wish to maximize their impact on the industry as well as within the patient community.


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