Working to find a cure for brain cancer

My son Owen was treated for brain cancer when he was just three years old. At first, it was difficult for me to accept the fact that my child was sick. Getting involved with the National Brain Tumor Society and participating in their events has been our outlet and resource.

I now know how important it is to raise awareness about this deadly disease and to fund the research that will find better treatments. Owen is one of the lucky survivors, but every day, men, women, and children, like my son, are fighting for their lives. Right now—you can help twice as much with a gift to the National Brain Tumor Society during their 2013 Leadership Matching Gift Challenge. Make A Gift Today.

Working to Find a Cure
In 2014, nearly 69,000 new brain tumor diagnoses will be made in the U.S. alone.  Brain tumors can occur in anyone—adults as well as children. Almost 700,000 people are living with tumors of the brain and central nervous system today.

As the largest nonprofit dedicated to the brain tumor community in the United States, the National Brain Tumor Society is fiercely committed to helping patients like Owen, and converting scientific breakthroughs into new and effective treatments. Give today and your gift will be doubled through the 2013 Leadership Matching Gift Challenge.

Double Your Impact Today
Thanks to generous, private supporters, your gift to the National Brain Tumor Society will have twice the impact! From now until December 31, 2013. Your tax-deductible gift makes potentially life-saving breakthroughs possible, helping turn scientific discoveries into clinical advances that keep patients like my son alive and well ever longer.

Please give today—because a cure can’t wait!

Thank you!

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