Working to help those with pulmonary fibrosis

You’ve probably heard of pulmonary fibrosis (PF), it’s an incurable lung disease characterised by stiffening of the lungs and inflammation of lung tissue. You may even know someone who has it, or have it yourself. But today we would like to share the work of the McKeehan family with you.

Before PF, Mike McKeehan was incredibly fit, he ran the Lilac Bloomsday run (approx.. 12km) every May, no matter what the weather, and even one year completing it in a wheelchair. But slowly Mike started being short of breath, and before long running became too hard, and then walking.

Sadly, Mike died on 19th July 2012, but his family and his community are working hard to help others in his memory. Mike’s daughter, Katie turned to the Pulmonary Fibrosis foundation (PFF) for help, and the whole family signed up to for the next Lilac Bloomsday run. Katie continues to fight for awareness and funding, and says “I just hope that with my fundraising I can bring more awareness about the disease and be a part of the fight for a cure.”

Working through her pain to help others in need, we find Katie to be an inspiration, and we hope that you do too.

The PFF is a non profit organisation based in the USA which aims to increase awareness of PF, help find a cure, advocate on behalf of the community and provide a supportive environment for sufferers and their families. The foundation recently announced a plan to establish a care centre network and patient registry.

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