Rare Disease and Orphan Drugs – meet, learn, network and drive change.

Medically and commercially, orphan drugsare becoming increasingly important. And meeting the right people to reachcommercial and patient objectives is crucial.

Patient advocacy groups, large pharma,regulatory agencies or speciality orphan biotechs. These stakeholders are thekey to ensuring that reimbursement from orphan drug programs happens, and thatpatients receive the very best treatments.

But how often do all of these groups gettogether in the same room?

If you would get value from spending two daysin a room surrounded by the industry leaders from pharma and biotech,regulators, and patient organisations then this is the meeting for you.

The 3rd Annual Orphan Drug Summit delivers industry leaders discussing bestpractises to ensure market access and reimbursement of orphan drugs. Expertcase studies will address the issue of improving patient access thoughcollaboration with patient organisations. Our speed networking sessions anddedicated 1-2-1 networking evening ensures that you will leave this meetingwith lasting business contacts and get you closer to patient organisationgroups than at any other meeting.

If you’re a drug developer: The agenda,speakers and contacts at this meeting will allow you to develop a comprehensivestrategy to gain market authorisation and improve patient access getting yourdrug to market with reimbursement in place. The agenda will show you how yourpeers are overcoming the same challenges you are facing in the orphan drugspace and the extensive networking opportunities give you the opportunity todiscuss these commercial challenges in a frank and open way.  

If you’re a member of a patientorganisation: Because of the focus on drug developers’ needs, this meetingcreates the perfect environment for you to network with key decision-makers andhave the voice of your patient organisation heard. You’ll find yourself havingmore conversations with drug developers and other patient organisations than atany other meeting. You’ll understand what other patient organisations are doingto raise the profile of their campaign and get the opportunity to make lastingcontacts in drug development sector.

For the perfect opportunity to meet,discuss and network with patients and your peers, join us.

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